DNS Dictionary

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DNS Dictionary

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DNS Dictionary is a program designed to automate the process of performing WHOIS searches of large numbers of website addresses, making it perfect for domain resellers.

It also writes the results to a text file for later analysis.

It can also be used to perform a search of a single URL.


DNS Dictionary can be used to check availability for .com, .net, .org, domains.




If “Display Unavailableis selected, the program will print out both domains that are available and those that are not. This can be useful for verification or analysis purposes.

If this option is not selected, the program will only display domains that are available, according to

the WHOIS database.


The Resume” option, when selected, will allow a dictionary search to be resumed from the previous line in the file. Only the most recent search can be resumed, and any changes made to the file before the point when the previous search finished will not be reflected.


The search can be customised by selecting one or more Top-Level Domains (.com, .net, etc) using the checkboxes. Only the selected options will be included in the search.




To perform a single-URL search:

simply type the root URL (eg “mysite”) into the entry field, select the domains you wish to check,

and click “Start Lookup”. Do not type the “www” prefix, or the domain suffix (.com, .net, etc) these will be automatically added by the program


To perform a Dictionary Search:

First, load the file containing the root URLs by clicking “Load Text File” and selecting the correct file.

Data files must be in .txt format, and must contain a single root URL (no prefix or suffix) per line. There is no limit on the size of the data files.

Then click “Start Lookup”. This will begin the search. The results will be displayed to the screen and simultaneously added to a text file called

results.txt”in the programs directory.


Resuming a Dictionary Search:


If “resume” is selected, you may resume the dictionary search by simply selecting the data file and clicking “resume”.

The speed of the queries depends on the WHOIS server, not on the program. You may need to wait some time for the searches to complete, depending on how large the data file is.


File Listing:



This is the main program executable


This stores the state of the program the last time it was run, including the state of the last Dictionary Search, if “Resume” is selected. This is modified automatically by the program.


This file contains a printout of the results of the current dictionary search.


This file is a large data file of dictionary words which can be used with the program.


This is an example file showing how to create a custom dictionary file.



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