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Phoenix Computers


P-140 Electronic LogBook




This program allows users to create and maintain text-based journal or report entries which are fully searchable using an advanced search system. Entries can also be encrypted for additional security.


This program stores it's data in simple .txt files, a different one for each Journal that the user creates. This allows for viewing or transfer of the files without requiring the program istelf.

This program comes with two slightly different versions:

Version 1.01 is the standard version, and 1.02 is designed for netbooks and smaller laptops. Both versions are exactly identical in terms of functionality, however the netbook version has a smaller text viewing area, to allow it to fit on a smaller screen. Both versions will be available for download upon purchasing this product.



To create a new Journal:


On the main screen:

Click “File”

Click “New Journal”


This menu controls all aspects of creating Journals.


Enter a Title. The filename will be entered automatically. The title (and filename) cannot be changed later!

Enter an Author (Optional).

If encryption is required, check the “Encrypt Journal” tag, and enter a password.


Optionally, Enter Custom Tag information. Custom tags are text strings added to every post, and are searchable.
Examples of Custom Tags could be:

Supervisor: John Doe

Project Deadline: March 16th

Company Name: Phoenix Computers


Click “Create” to finalise Journal creation.

The journal will be creation in: <Program Directory>/Journals/journalfilename.txt


To edit a journal:


On the main screen,

Click “File”,

Click “Edit Journal”,

Enter the Title of the journal.

Enter the new information for this Journal.

Click “Edit”.


To Search Journals:


On the main screen:

Click “File”

Click “Search Journals”


This opens the programs advanced search dialog.

To use the search dialog, first select whether you would like to search for Journal files only, (“Journals”) or for individual journal entries (“Journal Entries”). Searching for “Journals” will return only the file that the result is in, for example “myfile.txt”, searching for Journal entries will return each Journal entry matching the search parameters.

Search results are then displayed to the screen.


Click the “Search” button beside each search option to perform the search.


Search Options

Search by Text

This option accepts a text string and searches either the Journal Title, Body, or Name for that text string. Multiple checkboxes can be selected at once.


Search by Tags

This option allows the user to search by either Search or Custom tags.



Search by Date

This option allows the user to enter two dates, and the program will display all posts made between those dates.


To select a Journal:


To select a Journal or a number of Journals for both Reading and Writing, click “Select(RW)” on the panel on the bottom of the main screen.

Click the checkbox beside the Journals that you wish to select, or use “Select All” or “Select None”, then click “Select”.

The contents of the selected Journals will now be displayed. If any of these Journals are encrypted, you will be prompted to enter the username and password for decryption.


The selected journals have both read and write access, so creating a post now will add that post to all of the previously selected journals.


If you wish to write to only some Journals, while displaying others, click on the “Select(Write)” button underneath the Select(RW) button.

This displays the selection screen. From here, you may select Journals that only have write access.
New posts will only be added to Journals that have write access.




To add a post to a Journal:


First, select a Journal or Journals to write to (see previous section).

On the panel at the bottom of the main screen:

All fields are optional.


Journal name is entered automatically using the Select buttons, but can also be typed in manually. Timestamp is also entered automatically.


The user may enter an Author and a Post Title, in additon to the post itself.


The search tags are simple text keywords used to aid in finding particular posts with the search tool.
The search tool searches based on raw text, so formatting of the Search Tags in not particularly important. Eg:


2014, LogBook Program, New Journal Post, Search Example


Searching for any of the above keywords should return this post. Keywords may be shared between posts.

Finally, Click on “Post” to enter the post in the selected Journals.


To Quit:


On the main screen:

Click “File”,

Click “Quit”.


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