Learning Aid: Estonian

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Phoenix Computers


Learning Aid: Estonian v1.3




This program is a simple prompt-and-reply based system for learning a foreign language. The program will display a message from a text file in either english or the target language, and the user will need to give the correct reply. Incorrect replies will be flagged, and the correct answer will be given by the program.


A small file of words and phrases is included in the program, users will add more to this file as they learn.


The on-screen accent keyboard for this version of the program is designed for the Estonian language, however, but using an external keyboard or keyboard program any language could be used.




The radio buttons under “Display Language” will select the prompt language:

Selecting “Estonian” will issue prompt messages in Estonian, the user must provide the reply in English.

Selecting “English” will issue prompt messages in English, and the user must provide the reply in Estonian.

Selecting “Random” will display prompts in both languages.


Clicking the “Go” button will display a prompt. Clicking it multiple times the current prompt and display a new one.


When a prompt is given, enter the meaning of the phrase in the text entry field, and click enter.


If the prompt reply is correct, “Correct!” will be displayed onscreen. Otherwise, “Incorrect!” and the correct reply will be displayed.

Prompt responses need to be exact to be considered correct.


When a category is selected using the “Select Category” Dropdown menu, only phrases from that category will be displayed as prompts.


The “Display Mode” radio buttons are used to select between “Random” and “Sequential” display.

Random Display is when a prompt is chosen from a category with no order, Sequential display is when prompts are chosen in the same order that they appear in the file.



Structure of the Data File:

The data file is named “Database.txt”, and is a plain .txt human readable file.


To add a new group, first type “;” then the name of the group, eg:

;Group 1


Then, add the prompt (In the Target language) and on the following line, add the reply (in english).


head aega



Finish the group with a “.” on a new line.

And example group might be:




hi, hello



The prompts must be entered exactly as the are for the system to return the “Correct!” response.





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